Natural Home Remedies for relief against Bronchitis

    What is Bronchitis?

    Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tube which often results in thickened or discoloured mucus.

    Those who suffer with bronchitis often have breathing difficulties and mucus in their airways. 

    Often the go-to prescription for treatment of bronchitis are anti-biotics, despite their ineffectiveness at treating this illness, and the general health issues these cause once your body becomes immune to them. 

    Natural remedies maybe a more suitable solution to alleviate or relieve symptoms of both chronic and / or acute bronchitis.

    Types of Bronchitis

    There are two types of bronchitis, Acute and Chronic. 

    Acute bronchitis is a condition that develops from a chest cold and usually clears up within 1-2 weeks by itself. 

    Chronic bronchitis however is a more serious condition, with a constant irritation that can last months or show up more frequently over a short span of time. 

    Acute bronchitis is often caused by a cold or flu virus, however the most common cause for chronic bronchitis is smoking and / or air pollution. 

    Natural Home Remedies 

    Bronchitis is characterised by thickening of your airway passage making it harder to breathe and often coughing up more mucus or phlegm which obstructs your breathing. 

    Most natural remedies we discuss are aimed at resolving these issues. They may not speed up the process of your body fighting the infection, but they will make the illness more bearable for the short time you suffer and could help with long-term immunity boosting.

    Drink warm water with honey and lemon

    Any warm drink will usually do, as warm drinks can help thin the mucus. 

    We recommend adding honey and lemon into your cup of hot water. Honey is antibacterial and can soothe the mucus while helping fight off any bacterial infection. Lemon helps provide aromatic freshness and holds a host of other benefits for re-energising you. 

    On the same note, keeping adequately hydrated while fighting the cold-flu virus that resulted in the bronchitis will help thin your mucus and help you feel a little better. 

    Eat Spicy Foods

    Spice can help ease airway congestion by thinning out your mucus and clearing sinuses.  

    Not only that, but certain spices can get your blood flowing more openly which helps your body transport oxygen and minerals to your cells, which will help assist with your immunity. 

    Humidify your room

    Keeping moisture in the air can help keep mucus loose and clear away making it easier for you to breathe.

    In the same function, if you cannot get a humidifier a simple hot towel over a pot of boiling  water will provide similar results. Steam opens up your nasal passages and airways and can thin the mucus, making it easier for you to breathe.


    There are plenty of natural health experts that will give you 13 whole solutions to rectify the same problem. However the simplest methods are often the most effective, and the most suitable to implement. 

    By adding hot water with honey and lemon to your morning, afternoon and evening routine, you can ease the coughing and enjoy more comfortable breathing. 

    And by incorporating spices if possible, you will be able to open up your blood flow to taking in more minerals and oxygen to your cells – helping your body fight the infection which started the bronchitis in the first place.

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