Foods which trigger and can lead to Asthma Attacks


Allergic reactions to foods can trigger your body to suffer from symptoms which mimic an asthma attack. 

People who suffer from food allergies can suffer from asthma related symptoms. This is because the food allergic reaction can bring along shock to the system, causing asthma symptoms such as wheezing or coughing to flare up as well as difficulty breathing. 

Common foods associated with allergies include: 

  • Eggs 
  • Dairy 
  • Nuts 
  • Soy 
  • Wheat 
  • Fish / Sea Foods 

Certain food preservatives can also trigger asthma such as sulphites – sulphur dioxide and sodium metabisulphite. These preservatives are commonly found in foods and drinks such as:

  • wine, 
  • fruit juice,
  • dried fruit
  • artificially sweetened foods

Symptoms of Food Allergy induced Asthma attack

Symptoms of food allergies usually include vomiting, diarrhoea or hives and a rash. If the food allergy is also contributing to asthma attacks, you may suffer the usual symptoms associated with asthma including coughing, wheezing or tight breathing.