Benefit of African Mango for Weight Loss


    African Mango became all the rave when it was featured by Dr.Oz.

    Marketed as a weight loss supplement, the seeds of African Mango ( Irvinga Gabonesis) can have positive impact on weight loss, body fat and cholesterol levels [1].

    African Mango itself is a healthy and versatile fruit. The seeds are used as supplement and this fruit contains a good source of nutrients including calcium, magnesium and iron. 

    How does African Mango help with weight loss

    African Mango seeds are known to be high in soluble fibre. 

    Soluble fibre forms bulk and delays the rate at which the stomach empties which delays the release of sugars into your blood stream.

    This keeps blood sugar levels low after eating meals and resulting in your body storing less glucose as fat.

    As a result, African Mango can be a perfect supplement to have if you have high sugar levels, as your body does not require to store the glucose as fat for long term [2].

    African Mango seeds also help actively reduce fat by increasing protein hormones and reversing leptin resistance [3] .

    Other health benefits of African Mango

    African Mango may have other benefits including:

    Lowering Blood Sugar

    As African mango seeds contain high levels of soluble fibre, this supplement maybe beneficial in helping people with diabetes lower blood sugar levels [4].


    The first step to losing weight is to ensure your lifestyle meets the needs of the weight loss programme – diet, sleep, stress and activity.

    All these factors ensure your body is getting nutrients, burning calories and repairing itself. 

    Only then, can you consider supplementation of African mango.

    There is enough work around this supplement to suggest it can help with weight loss and lowering blood sugar, and there is no reason to not include the seed of the fruit in your diet if you are taking all measures in your diet and lifestyle.

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