Glucomannan can help you lose weight

What is Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a natural dietary fibre found in the roots of elephant yam (konjac). A water-soluble fibre, glucomannan mixes with drinks and can also be added to foods – being the primary ingredient in shirataki noodles.

Glucomannan is highly water absorbent, and a little bit of glucomannan added to a glass of water will turn the entire water to a gel. 

How does Glucomannan help with losing weight?

Glucomannan is low calorie, high fibre supplement and can help with weight loss by making you feel fuller, which makes you less likely to over-eat.

As glucomannan absorbs the water in your stomach, it forms a gel like substance that promotes the feeling of fullness and helps you lose weight.

Studies have revealed glucomannan has helped in weight reduction in those who were overweight.

Combined with a good diet, this supplement should help you lose weight by helping you control your calorie intake.

In fact, Dr Oz considered glucomannan as one of the best ways to control your hunger.

As the fibre is then expelled from your body naturally, the cleansing effect it has by traveling your liver and intestines are suggested to help with other ailments including diabetes and constipation.

Other benefits of Glucomannan

A natural prebiotic

Pre-biotic help restore good and bad bacteria in the gut. A Pre-Biotic means that it helps feed the good bacteria in your gut, and therefore helps in production of pro-biotics.

This is important for you as there maybe a link between a healthy gut flora and weight loss. Research indicates there is some evidence to suggest that probiotics help people lose weight, as the good-bacteria helps to break down and digest food.

Relieves Constipation

As glucomannan creates bulk, by absorbing the water and becoming more gel like internally, glucomannan is able to promote an easier pass of the stool through the colon and can encourage a bowel movement typically within 12 to 24 hours of consumption.

Helps control Blood Sugar

Glucomannan helps delay the stomachs emptying process, which results in a more steady and gradual release of glucose into your blood stream and therefore lower blood sugar levels after eating. 

A more controlled blood-sugar level results in a healthier control of diabetes and insulin production, which helps store the sugar into energy for times when you need it (such as when working out or periods of starvation).

How much dosage of Glucomannan should I take to lose weight?

The dose of glucomannan to take is dependent on your reason for taking this supplement.

If you’re taking glucomannan to lose weight – and you most probably are if you’re reading this – then anywhere from 2-4 grams per day should do the trick. This will be one of your go to supplements in losing weight. 

For constipation the same dosage can be advised as being most effective. 


Glucomannan is an effective and natural weight loss supplement. It works by forming a gel like substance by absorbing water to form a bulky fibre which can help create more push for bowel movements, but also keep you feeling fuller for longer and lessening the temptation to eat.

By reducing your calorie intake, and keeping your bowel movements more frequent, glucomannan can help you with your weight loss goals and should be part of your weight-loss diet. 

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