What are the health benefits of the Keto Diet?

You’ve heard of ketosis. But do you know what the health benefits of this popular keto diet are? We outline the main benefits to be had from following a ketogenic diet, and other benefits you could reap to help against certain illnesses.

Natural Home Remedies for Asthma Treatment

Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system in which the airways constrict, become inflamed and are lined with excessive amount of mucus

Coronavirus – Coughs, Fever, Pneumonia – Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) illness sweeping the world was declared as an international public health emergency by WHO (World Health Organisation).

Visceral fat, What is it and how do I lose it?

Visceral fat is body fat which is stored within the abdominal cavity. It covers important organs- such as your liver and stomach and is extremely dangerous for your health and wellbeing. You may have heard of Visceral fat also being referred to as “active fat”, due to its active nature in creating health issues. Learn more about it and what you can do to keep visceral fat away.

Positive Health Effects of Sunlight Exposure

From ancient history to modern day science, the power of the sun in our sky has long been discussed, debated and worshipped.From bathing our planet with a constant shower of UV rays, species including our own civilisation has developed with the Sun watching over us and helping us to produce the crops and food we eat necessary to sustain life on Earth.

What Triggers Asthma? Causes of Asthma Explained

Asthma cases are often the cause of allergies. Exposure to irritants such as smoke, chemicals, mould or dust might trigger asthma symptoms in an individual.

Relief against the Common Cold using Pressure Points

What is the Common Cold? The common cold is a harmless infection of your respiratory system which usually lasts...

Sciatica – What is it, Symptoms and Remedies

Sciatica is a term used to characterise a back pain that travels along your leg, specifically along the path of the sciatic nerve.

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The most spectacular positive transformations only happen after people radically change their way of eating


Your hair and your skin is determined by your mind, nutrition, day to day activities and so much more.


Wellbeing relates to overall health: the mental and physical well being.

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Our Top 3 Best Coconut Oils for Hair Growth in 2020

You can use it as a versatile multi-tasker – from hydrating your skin, to removing make up and even adding into your foods. Here are our top product recommendations to incorporate into your regime.

Hair Loss: Top Reasons you’re losing Hair

Shedding a little amount of hair, such as when you wash or comb your hair is normal. But if there’s more than usual, or if you find your hair is thinner than normal, you could begin to feel concerned. We address why you're losing more hair and what can be done. Continue reading...

Male Pattern Baldness – What is it, Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Male pattern baldness occurs primarily when there is a hormonal change in men and happens commonly during aging process where the older you get the more you begin to experience hair loss from the scalp.

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