Throat Chakra: Guide to the Fifth Chakra

Chakras are “Wheels” that refer to the energy field in our human body. 

Your energy field is a reflection of your physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and it is extremely sensitive. When you suffer from disease and sickness, you develop blockages in your energy field.

The throat Chakra is the fifth of seven chakras in the human body.

The Throat Chakra

Associated with the colour – light blue, the fifth throat chakra connects to the energy around our ability of communication and expression.

What is the Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra helps you self-express. By releasing emotions through crying, shouting, laughing, the throat chakra helps us express ourselves in a manner which is authentic and, if chosen, healthy. 


Physical Location: Throat

Colour: Light Blue

Element: Ether

What does the Throat Chakra help with?

The throat chakra connects you to your ability to express yourself. Your throat chakra is impacted, and impacts, everything to do with communication. 

When your throat chakra is open and in balance, you will be able to say what you want to say in a way which people listen. Your ability to be heard and make the world aware of your needs, is important for self-sustainability. For you to feel happy and content in friendships and relationships – communication is essential. 

Physically, the throat chakra is said to affect our health relating to our thyroid and parathyroid glands. The Thyroid affects your body’s metabolism and how you use energy, where the parathyroid glands help produce the parathyroid hormone which increases calcium in the blood.  

Symptoms of a blocked Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is blocked, you will often find it difficult to communicate and be heard. Where you have difficulty in saying what you want, or feel you aren’t being heard or unable to come up with the words to express your feelings – these are signs of a blocked or unbalanced throat chakra.  

Physically, conditions including sore throat or symptoms associated with imbalanced metabolism or calcium levels can affect us. Other conditions such as mouth ulcers, swollen glands or voice problems / gum problems can be symptoms of a blocked throat chakra. 

As the throat chakra is to do with communication, it is communication which can block the flow of energy through this. Supressing your emotions or taking on too much verbal or written negativity which affects your mood can cause a blockage in the energy wheel. 

How to Open and Balance your Throat Chakra


Meditation can help restore balance and a flow of energy through your throat chakra. 

Try guided meditation to help channel energy through your body and through your chakras to balance your heart chakra. 


  • I can communicate with ease
  • I am always able to find the right words
  • I am confident when I communicate with others
  • I am an active listener
  • My thoughts are positive