Third Eye Chakra: Guide to the Sixth Chakra

Located in between our brow is the third eye chakra – our higher mind, intuition and centre of imagination.

Chakras are “Wheels” that refer to the energy field in our human body. 

Your energy field is a reflection of your physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and it is extremely sensitive. When you suffer from disease and sickness, you develop blockages in your energy field.

The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth of seven chakras in the human body.

The Third Eye Chakra

Associated with the colour – indigo blue (dark blue), the sixth throat chakra allows us to see what is there so clearly in front of us but blinded by reality. 

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye is responsible for our link between the word we see, and the Universe we don’t always see. 

A clear / open third eye lets you see what is real in both the reality we live in and the astrophysical world. 


Physical Location: Between the brow

Colour: Indigo Blue / Purple

Element: Light

What does the Third Eye Chakra do?

When this chakra is healthy, we automatically begin to see the bigger and deeper picture. 

It increases our ability to use intuition, allows us to tap into imagination and creativity that is blocked by our reality which is taught to supress us as we grow and are told what we can or can’t do. 

This chakra relates to our self-realization and taps into seeing the universe around you. The knowing of what is right and what is wrong, the ability to observe the universe around. 

Tapping into the Third Eye Chakra is a state of consciousness sought by many but attained by few. A free flowing third eye helps us to feel clearer – to clearly see the bigger picture as opposed to feeling confused or clouded in our next steps. 

Physically, this Chakra affects our hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which are responsible for the production of a host of hormones key to the normal working of our bodies.

Symptoms of a blocked Third Eye Chakra

When the third eye is blocked, we may suffer from confusion or fear from truth. 

It can negatively affect your ability to concentrate on tasks or sense a lack of intuition with the inability to see past what is in front of you and see what is real beyond the surface. 

Contrarily, an overactive third chakra can have opposite effects. Overthinking to seek clarity, exhaustion, mental fog and anxiety and quick to judge are all symptoms of your third eye in over-drive.

How to Open and Balance your Third Eye Chakra


Meditation can help restore balance and a flow of energy through your third eye. 

Try guided meditation to help channel energy through your body and through your chakras to balance your heart chakra. 


  • I am intuitive
  • My thoughts are clear
  • I trust my inner self
  • I have unlimited possibilities
  • I see beyond what I see in front of me
  • I am clear