Mind Control: To be Successful, Learn to Control your Mind [motivational video]

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This video is part of the Mind Matter series by Asante Wellbeing, produced by the Hypermind team.

SPEAKER: Caisey, by Hypermind
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Video Transcript: Controlling your mind for success

To be successful in business, in sports, education or anything in life, we need to set goals. 

With a goal, we then need to work hard. We need to work with dedication, focus, concentration and make sacrifices, all in order to achieve these goals. 

Now here’s a startling truth about the majority of the people around you. They have no goals. 

Be mindful of who you surround yourself with. As you are the sum average of your friends. 

Most people are content to work in their comfortable environment. They are accustomed and feel secure. 

Why? Because Risk, creates fear. 

The Fear of losing the so called “stability” and “security”.

The Fear of not being able to pay the bills. The rent. Car Loan. Credit card. 

So they stay in their jobs which keep them in the rat race, with everyone racing to grab the carrot.  

And this is what stops us from taking bold decisions in our life. This stops us from leaving our Comfort Zone. 

How many times have you thought about doing something bold (like leaving your job to begin a business) only to stop?

This is your subconscious mind feeding you negativity, through fear. 

As individuals, we bear natural gifts to be successful. 

But in order to do so, we must understand and control our Mind. We must focus. Have complete concentration. Take ownership of your emotions, your time and where your energy is spent. 

If you watched Episode 1, we explained the notion “you think what you become”. What you think can be influenced by the people you are surrounded by. Whether at work or at home. 

To understand how to control your mind, let’s compare it to a computer. 

Your typical computer holds information like photos, videos, text documents and numbers. Through cloud services, all this information can be accessed at anytime, anywhere in the world. It processes millions of calculations in a second, controls what you see on the screen and does what you ask it to (most of the time!).

Now compare this to your brain and mind. Our mind can process millions of operations per second without you even realising it. 

Think about it for a moment. How are you breathing? 

What’s making your blood flow? 

Why does your heart continue to beat? 

How is your body temperature maintained? 

Just like you don’t see the processes in your computer, your brain processes all of these computations in the back of your mind, or subconscious. 

But one thing your subconscious cannot do, is distinguish between a real event, or something we merely think about. 

Take a dream for example. 

When we dream, we don’t stop it. We flow with it as if it is real. 

And when we have nightmares, we wake up with our heart pounding and body sweating – as if it were real?

Your mind is flowing autonomously without your control. Yet it is influenced by your thoughts. And your thoughts are influenced by your day to day. 

Now you understand your mind. 

In the next videos, we’ll look into how to control it. How to generate focus and use this energy to become successful. 

Thank you for watching.

Stay motivated