The Art of Meditation

The art of mediation requires one to be present in the moment that is now. By going silent, one is able to achieve more peace and connection with the present time and maximise the meditative state and obtain the many benefits.

Going Silent

By our very nature, all human beings seek peace. From my own experience, I can only experience peace when I go into silence. Silence here means – “quieting the mind, and by going deep within”. Go deep within yourself to such an extent that you begin to experience peace.

Within oneself

Begin to make time for yourself every single day to connect in some way with the nature around you.

The best way to begin this would be by getting up early in the morning before everyone else – maybe 4 or 5am. Keep or turn your phone off! This will help keep the temptation of checking your notifications, or update on social media. 

You could walk barefoot on the grass, take a walk around the neighbourhood or if you’re close to the beach – swim in the ocean, watch the sunrise or just spend time nurturing your garden. 

By submerging yourself in nature, you will experience Silence; an unconditional utter bliss and peace from your core. 

Every time in nature you will find the time literally stops and thoughts quieten. All that is left is beautiful sounds of birds chirping, water trickling, winds howling and all the gaps of nature’ silence in between.

Meditating in Silence

Meditation is the ultimate channel and food for inner silence. 

However, unlike nature, which is effortless Silence, meditation may be slightly more challenging. The less attention you pay to the thinking mind, the softer and dimmer the thoughts become, and the more the silence and stillness grows. 

Our minds wander round a great deal, it causes mischief and fluctuates. Even though the intellect understands about right and wrong, true and false, sin and clarity, it is not able to function correctly. 

This is why, in order to free your mind from wandering, and to stabilise your intellect, go deep within yourself. Go beyond sound. 

To be silent is to quiet the mind and take a trip deep within oneself to connect with ones’ soul. 

When meditating and trying to go silent, try not to resist or fear your thoughts, simply be aware. Allow them to be, but don’t attach to them. 

In silence you become aware that you have the freedom and power to choose the type of thoughts you wish to entertain and empower, and the thoughts you wish to ignore and diffuse. 

Even though your ears and eyes are open the heart’s desire is to be introverted. With the power of concentration, and by going deep inside you experience that your original religion is Peace. You then also experience that you, the soul, are the truth, the living being and an embodiment of bliss, and you are able to experience the truth and silence which you had lost. 

Sometimes you may find yourself careless and allow the connection with silence to lapse. Perhaps your excuse might be,” No time, too hard, later, tomorrow, next week, after I finish the project, after I solve that issue, life is too good right-now, I am fine so I don’t need it”. Then bang! A wave inevitably comes along, catches you off-guard and dumps you straight into the mouth of the controlling mind again. That silence may shrink and disappear. That’s only human. Hold yourself in space and compassion and return to the voice of the heart. 

To go into silence, you first have to go beyond the sounds and sights of the world. It is God (or the Universe – whatever your belief maybe) alone who can take you beyond all sounds. 

When the soul experiences this silence, by connecting with Him the soul becomes Light and receives Might. Light is lightness and enlightenment. The soul becomes bodiless in which there is Lightness. In body consciousness, there is heaviness, when you become bodiless by being detached from the body you are able to connect with God and become light. You are able to receive might and experience such purity and peace in the soul. Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness and Power are experienced through silence.  

The soul is able to create a natural nature of remaining silent and peaceful. And with the silent power, the soul is able to be victorious over the self. Then when interacting with everyone in the world, success will be with you in such a way that the sound emerges from within that the powers you have received from God are working.

Remember, by going deep inside you experience that your original religion is Peace.