How to do Tricep Extensions with Resistance Bands


    Whenever you push, pull or straighten your arms, you use your tricep muscles. Strengthening these muscles will help you perform everyday tasks, but will also help increase flexibility, strength and circulation. 

    With triceps making up a whopping two thirds of your arms, if you want to grow your arms, adding these in will certainly help. 

    How to Perform Banded Tricep Extensions

    1. Stand on your resistance band with your feet shoulder width apart and engage your core. 
    2. Take the other side of the resistance band in both hands, your hands should be half way down the back your head, with your palms facing up and out. 
    3. Lift the band so that your arms are now above your head and your elbows are facing forward. 
    4. Lower your hands by bending at the elbows and squeeze your triceps. 
    5. Repeat for the desired numbers of reps. 

    Muscles Used

    Tricep extensions are an isolation exercise working all three muscles in the triceps: the long head, the lateral head and the medial head. 

    However, as with any push movement the tricep extension also trains the shoulders, chest, lats, and forearms. 


    • Single arm tricep extension 
    • Dumbbell tricep extension

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