How to do a Side Lateral Raise Exercise with Resistance Bands at home


    While the name is a mouthful, lateral raise exercises are one of the most effective movements for shoulder (delt) growth.  They form a staple for every push or shoulder focused day, and this variant is great for home workouts

    If you want shoulder boulders, start by incorporating lateral raises. 

    How to do a Long Band Single Arm Lateral Raise

    1. Stand on one side of the resistance band with the opposite foot to the arm you are going to use. If you’re using your right arm stand on the band with your left foot. It might be more comfortable to have that foot slightly in front of you as well. 
    2. Roll your shoulders blades back and push them down. 
    3. With your palm facing your legs slowly pull your arm up leading with your pinky finger. The pulling motion should come from your rear delts (shoulder blade area). Your arm should also have a slight bend. 
    4. The Range of Motion (ROM) for the exercise should be from vertical to horizontal, with your hand being parallel to your shoulder at the top. 

    Primary Muscles Used

    Lateral raises primarily work the lateral deltoid, this is the middle portion of the deltoid muscle. It also works the anterior (front) deltoid, posterior (back) deltoid, upper trap, supraspinatus (which is a rotator cuff muscle) and a serratus anterior (the muscles underneath your armpit next to your latissimus dorsi). 

    By building these muscles you will create the famous “shoulder boulder”. Strong posterior/ rear deltoids will also help your compound lifts such as deadlift variations and back squats. 

    Commonly Asked Questions

    How do I keep my delts engaged so my traps don’t takeover? 

    Not ‘shrugging’ the weight up, instead think of pushing it up. Keeping your pinkies up and thumbs down will also help with this as well. 


    • Dumbbell lateral raise. 
    • Cable lateral raise.
    • Lateral raise machine. 

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