How to do a Hip Hinge Movement Exercise


    Labelled the most important biomechanical joint action to learn, the hip hinge is an extremely important exercise to add to your repertoire. It plays a significant role in keeping your spine safe when lifting and can help decrease your chance of injury. 

    The hip hinge forms the basis of exercises like the Romanian Deadlift and the Good Morning, both of which target the hamstrings and glutes by training the hamstrings in an extended position. Forming strong glutes through these kinds of movements can help significantly with injury prevention. 

    How to do a Hip Hinge Exercise Movement

    1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, your shoulder blades back and down and your spine neutral. 
    2. Create a slight bend in your knees. Put your hands wherever is most comfortable. 
    3. Slowly ‘hinge’ at the hips by focusing on pushing your glutes (bum) backwards rather than pushing your body down. 
    4. Keep pushing your bum backwards until you feel your hamstrings have reached their maximum stretch and pause there shortly. 
    5. Drive your hips back up by contracting your glutes. 

    TOP TIP 

    A great tip is to start doing these about a foot away from a wall and focus on trying to press an imaginary button with your bum. This will help make sure you are pushing your bum backwards rather than bending forwards. 

    Muscles Worked

    The hip hinge movement focuses predominantly on the posterior chain. This includes the hamstrings, glutes (gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and glutues minimus) and your lower back. 


    • Barbell Romanian Deadlift 
    • Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift 
    • Banded Romanian Deadlift 
    • Split Stance Romanian Deadlift 
    • Single leg Romanian Deadlift 
    • Suitcase hold Romanian Deadlift 
    • Banded Good Morning 
    • Barbell Good Morning 
    • Dumbbell Good Morning 

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