Common Eye Conditions

Your eyes are your passage into this world. With millions of connections relaying messages to your brain in real-time, they provide us with vision – detecting light and convert it into signals our brain can read. 

In 2019, WHO reported at least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment of which over 1 billion could have been prevented [WHO].

Common Conditions affecting the Eyes

  • Myopia (short-sightedness): This is where you can see near objects clearly but find it difficult to see objects in the distance (they often appear fuzzy or blurry). This is common in those who read or work on the computer
  • Hypermetropia (long-sightedness): Polar opposite, this is where you can easily see things in the distance buy find close vision is blurry
  • Presbyopia: Common in those over 40 years of age, presbyopia is the gradual loss of the eye’s ability to focus on close objects
  • Cataracts: A common disease as age progresses, where the lens of the eye gradually turns opaque making it more difficult to see
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a disease of the eye which is the result of an abnormally high pressure inside the eye caused by a fluid build-up, which over time may damage the optic nerve which may lead to vision loss or blindness
  • Astigmatism: Astigmatism is a distorted vision caused by uneven curvature of your cornea, which puts stress on eye muscles when trying to focus on an object
  • Lazy-Eye (Amblyopia): this is caused when one eye turns in and out while the other see’s straight, and is a common condition which starts in children
  • Night Blindness: Often the cause of a diet deficient in Vitamin A, night blindness patients suffer from poor vision at night or in dimly lit areas
  • Colour Blindness: the inability to distinguish between different colours

Other common conditions of the eye include Conjunctivitis (pink eye), retinitis, dry eyes, optic atrophy, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), watery eyes, stye. 

Causes behind Eyes Conditions

Common causes behind eye conditions include close vision work (reading or on the screen), diabetes, vitamin deficiency, watching / reading or working in dimly lit areas. Hereditary diseases could also lead to diseases, along with accidents and errors. 

Preventing Common Eye Conditions

Recognise symptoms

Sudden loss of vision in one eye, blurred vision or flashes of light may signal a medical problem which needs urgent attention. 

Control your health and eat healthy foods

Conditions like diabetes and blood pressure can affect your vision. 

Maintaining a healthy diet which consists of healthy fruits and vegetables. Foods which are rich in Vitamin A help prevent night blindness and include carrots, mango, green leafy veg and sweet potatoes. 

Vitamin C can help reduce the risk of develop cataract disease. 

A diet rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories can help reduce the risk of degeneration due to oxidative stress or inflammation. Foods include Turmeric, Cinnamon and Coconut. 

Use good lighting

Adding strain to your eyes in poorly lit environments is a contributor to eye conditions. When reading or viewing anything on the screen, it’s important to have a well-lit area which takes the strain off from your eyes and helps them focus easily. 

Get your vision checked and where glasses if appropriate

A key thing in today’s age. With today’s always on attitude, our eyes are routinely subjected to more stress than ever before. It is vitally important to get your eyes tested routinely, ideally once a year – to keep track of their health and identify problems before they occur. 


Eye conditions affect billions of people across the planet and a lot of them can be rectified if people have access to knowledge and appropriate health care. 

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