Meenu Agarwal

Diabetes - Was ist das, Symptome und Heilmittel

Diabetes ist eine Epidemie, die die meisten Teile der Welt betrifft. In diesem Artikel diskutieren wir, was Diabetes ist, seine Symptome und wie wir besser damit umgehen können.

Über mich

I am a clinical Dietitian in private practise in Singapore & advise clients globally on health and nutrition. I hold a master degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management. I also have a certificate in Nutrition and Child care apart from my graduation in Science. I specialise in Advising clients on weight Management, medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, acidity, arthritis, Pcod, IBS etc etc. I also advise clients nutrition during pregnancy ( Post and Pre), menopause and Children Nutrition. Sports team work with me on sports nutrition and how they can improve player performance by using Nutrition as a tool. I have been in practise for the last 5 years and served more than 2000 clients worldwide. I have clients from all parts of the world: USA, Hongkong, Africa, India, Dubai, South America, Australia, Europe, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam and UAE. I regularly contribute my articles online to, Utsav, and Bela magazine in Kuala Lumpur. I am the nutrition expert on online parenting magazine called parent circle and also bela ( Malaysia). I write my columns on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook to keep my followers updated on my thoughts, motivation messages and other healthy topics.
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