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    Third Eye Chakra: Guide to the Sixth Chakra

    Located in between our brow is the third eye chakra – our higher mind, intuition and centre of imagination.

    Throat Chakra: Guide to the Fifth Chakra

    Associated with the colour – light blue, the fifth throat chakra connects to the energy around our ability of communication and expression.

    Heart Chakra: Guide to the Fourth Chakra

    The fourth Chakra is the all-powerful heart chakra located in the middle of our chest and is the centre of our energetic system.

    Solar Plexus Chakra: Guide to the Third Chakra

    The Third Chakra - known as the Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra, is located in the stomach and the centre of our abdomen and is responsible for our self worth and self confidence. Its element is fire and colour is yellow/orange.

    Sacral Chakra: Guide to the Second Chakra

    The Sacral chakra is the second chakra. Located about two inches below the navel, in the lower back and abdomen it relates to our feelings, emotions and sexuality,

    Root Chakra: Guide to the First Chakra

    The Root chakra is the first chakra. It sits at the base of the spine and anchors the higher chakras to the earth, providing you a feeling of safety and self preservation. The Root Chakra is where we ground ourselves to Mother Earth, and is related to our feelings of safety and security in life - be it physical (health / wellbeing) or meta-physical (financial wellbeing).

    The Ashtavakra Gita

    The Ashtavakra Gita is a classical Sanskrit scripture written as the dialogue between Ashtavakra (a revered Hindu Vedic sage) and Janak (the King of Mithila) which examines through dialogue the meaning of existence and freedom, of our souls and bondage to the reality.

    The 7 Chakras of the Human Body

    The term "Chakra" translates into wheel or disk and refers to the energy field of the human body. The human body has a powerful energy...

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