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How to do Overhead Shoulder Press with Resistance Bands

The overhead shoulder press is a great upper body movement to target your deltoids as well as a lot of the other upper body muscles.

How to do Tricep Extensions with Resistance Bands

With triceps making up a whopping two thirds of your arms, if you want to grow your arms, adding these in will certainly help.

How to do Upright Rows with Resistance Bands

The banded upright row is a great shoulder exercise to add into your routine. This exercise is great for beginners to strengthen the shoulders, and great for intermediate to advanced athletes as a warm up or burn out.

How to do Bicep Curls with Resistance Bands

The resistance band bicep curl is a great way to strengthen your biceps without using a barbell or dumbbells. For that reason this is a great exercise for beginners or anyone with an injury or weak wrists.

How to do Banded Pull Aparts for a strong Upper Back

Banded pull aparts are a great minimal equipment exercise to help strengthen your upper back. They’re incredibly important and belong in every upper body day routine, whether that be as a warm up, superset with a compound movement or a burnout at the end of your session.

Planking: What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Planking - The one exercise which needs absolutely no equipment and can be performed just about anywhere you can make space.

How to do Standing Calf Raises with just your bodyweight

Often undervalued, calf muscles are crucial for your daily well-being. Think about it - your lower body takes a lot of weight from the upper body regularly. One of the primary muscles helping you to walk, run and even drive - are your calves.

How to do Bodyweight Pushups

Pushups are one of the most important upper body workouts you can do. Requiring a combination of core stamina, stabilization, strength from your core, shoulders, back and arms (particularly triceps) - getting this exercise right can help you sculpt the perfect upper body look, while building up your triceps and overall body stability.

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