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    How to do a Bent Over Row exercise with Resistance Bands

    The bent over row is an essential compound exercise that recruits from the back, glutes and legs.

    How to do a Side Lateral Raise Exercise with Resistance Bands at home

    Side lateral raises are one of the most effective movements for shoulder (delt) growth. They form a staple for every push or shoulder focused day, and this variant is great for home workouts.

    How to do a Split Squat

    A Split Squat is similar to the Bulgarian Split Squat but without the elevation of the backwards foot and is one of the best compound movements you can do

    How to do Backward Lunges at Home Exercise

    The great thing about lunges, and specifically the backwards lunge, is that they transfer amazingly to sporting performance. Strengthening your glutes in this way is a great way to improve your power output in sprints, and much more.

    What does walking 10,000 steps every day do for your body?

    What does walking 10,000 steps per day do for your body?

    The Science of Growing your Calf Muscles

    Calves are the stubborn muscle group that many of us find hard to grow. Charlotte explores the Science of growing your calves.

    How to do Face Pulls with a Resistance Band at Home

    Face Pulls with a Resistance Band. Didn't think you could do it? Charlotte walks you through step by step so you can introduce this routine into your home workouts

    The Science of Pull Workouts

    Pull Workouts are a great way to balance the time spent on the muscle groups and can help create a more balanced physique.

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