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Top Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Hair: Longer and Healthier Hair

Coconut oil is recognised as one of the best natural ingredients for hair and skin care in many ayurvedic practicing traditions. Read on to understand why coconut oil is good for your hair, what the benefits are and why you should incorporate massaging coconut oil into your scalp for healthier, fuller hair.

Male Pattern Baldness – What is it, Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Male pattern baldness occurs primarily when there is a hormonal change in men and happens commonly during aging process where the older you get the more you begin to experience hair loss from the scalp.

Is Sea Salt Spray Good for my Hair Health?

Sea salt spray is a must in your grooming product line up. It’s a quick way of adding texture and getting that beach-look without using any or many chemical based products. But is it good for you?

Natural Ayurveda Remedies for Hair Growth

Suffering from hair loss could make you feel less of yourself or miss your identity. You may not want to try chemicals or cosmetic surgeries (and nor should you need to), as there are plenty of natural health remedies you can use to help re-grow your hair, while making your hair stronger and healthier than ever before. These tips aren’t just to re-grow hair, they can be used in your daily life to maintain a healthy and fuller head of hair without resorting to cosmetic surgery.

Hair Loss: Top Reasons you’re losing Hair

Shedding a little amount of hair, such as when you wash or comb your hair is normal. But if there’s more than usual, or if you find your hair is thinner than normal, you could begin to feel concerned. We address why you're losing more hair and what can be done. Continue reading...

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