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    How to do Backward Lunges at Home Exercise

    The great thing about lunges, and specifically the backwards lunge, is that they transfer amazingly to sporting performance. Strengthening your glutes in this way is a great way to improve your power output in sprints, and much more.

    The Science of Growing your Calf Muscles

    Calves are the stubborn muscle group that many of us find hard to grow. Charlotte explores the Science of growing your calves.

    How to do Face Pulls with a Resistance Band at Home

    Face Pulls with a Resistance Band. Didn't think you could do it? Charlotte walks you through step by step so you can introduce this routine into your home workouts

    The Science of Pull Workouts

    Pull Workouts are a great way to balance the time spent on the muscle groups and can help create a more balanced physique.

    How to do a Bulgarian Split Squat

    The Bulgarian split squat is a great exercise for both the quads and glutes, depending on the way the exercise is performed. Similar to the regular split squat, the Bulgarian variation is a single leg squat variation where the back foot is elevated.

    The Science of Push Workouts

    In a world that is so oversaturated with plans and pseudoscience it is often really hard to tell what will be effective and what won’t be. One of the most common splits at the moment is the Push, Pull, Legs split.

    The Science of Growing your Muscles – Protein Synthesis and Training for Hypertrophy

    The Science of Growing your Muscles - Protein Synthesis and Training for Hypertrophy

    Scientifically Backed Ways to Grow your Back

    Aesthetically the back can play a huge part in how you feel, look and your overall strength. It's your shield of course.

    How to do Leg Extensions with Resistance Bands at Home

    The banded leg extension is a great way to mix up your leg days. For beginners this is a great exercise to add into your routine and for more advanced lifters this is a great exercise to add as a superset with another quad isolation move. It can also be used as a quad activation movement to do before a workout.

    Progressive Overload: Training for Growth

    Progressive overload is one of the most important components of training. It is also most people's biggest worry when they have to train from home. So, how can you progressively overload with minimal equipment?

    How to do Resistance Band Crab Walks at Home

    Banded crab walks are a great accessory movement to add into your lower body days. They’re especially good for home workouts as they really focus on the abductor muscles that we often rely on machines to work.

    How to do a Hip Hinge Movement Exercise

    Labelled the most important biomechanical joint action to learn, the hip hinge is an extremely important exercise to add to your repertoire. It plays a significant role in keeping your spine safe when lifting and can help decrease your chance of injury.

    How to do Overhead Shoulder Press with Resistance Bands

    The overhead shoulder press is a great upper body movement to target your deltoids as well as a lot of the other upper body muscles.

    How to do Tricep Extensions with Resistance Bands

    With triceps making up a whopping two thirds of your arms, if you want to grow your arms, adding these in will certainly help.

    How to do Upright Rows with Resistance Bands

    The banded upright row is a great shoulder exercise to add into your routine. This exercise is great for beginners to strengthen the shoulders, and great for intermediate to advanced athletes as a warm up or burn out.

    How to do Bicep Curls with Resistance Bands

    The resistance band bicep curl is a great way to strengthen your biceps without using a barbell or dumbbells. For that reason this is a great exercise for beginners or anyone with an injury or weak wrists.

    How to do Banded Pull Aparts for a strong Upper Back

    Banded pull aparts are a great minimal equipment exercise to help strengthen your upper back. They’re incredibly important and belong in every upper body day routine, whether that be as a warm up, superset with a compound movement or a burnout at the end of your session.

    5 Ways to Lose Weight Sustainably

    It will make it easier to adhere to and thus make the weight you lose easier to keep off. It can be hard to find a regime that is sustainable to you because of everything society tells us about diet culture, like we need to cut out carbs, or fats, or only a grapefruit.

    5 Ways of debunking Diet Culture and still be Healthy

    Diet culture is effectively a belief system that focuses on and values weight shape and size over wellbeing.

    Charlotte Wilson: My Fitness Journey

    My fitness journey has been a literal rollercoaster. Three years ago, I couldn’t exercise or look at the nutritional information on food packets without fear of starting the restriction, binge, over exercise cycle again.

    Are Organic foods better for you?

    Does the price mark-up mean that organic is better for you? Do they have more vitamins or less calories or any added health benefits? And why do so many celebrities, including Britain’s Prince Charles, preach about organic foods?

    Are Superfoods really that Super?

    What actually is a superfood other than something that can look super pretty on Instagram?

    5 Ways to Spice up your Oatmeal

    Your morning oats really can keep you full all day. The key is to combine all the macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats) in the one meal. Carbs, protein and fats all digest at different rates, meaning you’ll have the feeling of being full for way longer.

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