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    Shaving with Coconut Oil – How to, Benefits & Side Effects

    Out of shaving cream? No problem - if you have a jar of Coconut Oil laying around in the home somewhere, it can be an excellent alternative to shaving cream plus moisturise and nourish your skin in doing so.

    Turmeric Skin Mask Recipe for all Skin Types

    While you can add Turmeric to your diet and consume in foods and drinks, your skin can obtain the benefits of this spice externally through a home-made mask

    Coconut Oil High Protein Vegan Smoothie Recipe

    What better way to enjoy the benefits of Coconut Oil than in a tasty and nutritionally balanced high-protein vegan smoothie?

    Coconut Oil Benefits for Skin

    Coconut Oil has been used for its health promoting properties across the world; from helping stimulate hair growth, to improving brain function by reducing inflammation. The question is, how does Coconut Oil benefit our skin?

    How Many Hours of Sleep Do I Really Need?

    We spend approximately a third of our lives asleep, which over a 24 hour period equates to a full 8 hours. But is this the right amount?

    Planking: What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

    Planking - The one exercise which needs absolutely no equipment and can be performed just about anywhere you can make space.

    How to do Standing Calf Raises with just your bodyweight

    Often undervalued, calf muscles are crucial for your daily well-being. Think about it - your lower body takes a lot of weight from the upper body regularly. One of the primary muscles helping you to walk, run and even drive - are your calves.

    How to do Bodyweight Pushups

    Pushups are one of the most important upper body workouts you can do. Requiring a combination of core stamina, stabilization, strength from your core, shoulders, back and arms (particularly triceps) - getting this exercise right can help you sculpt the perfect upper body look, while building up your triceps and overall body stability.

    How to do Bodyweight Squats

    Squats are a functional compound exercise which is great for muscle building and overall strength. However they are a lot more strenuous and can be harder than most lower body workouts.

    How to do Bodyweight Lunges

    Lunges are a functional compound exercise which is great for muscle building and overall strength. A seemingly simple step forward is working out several muscle groups at the same time in your hips and legs in particular, forcing them to become stronger.

    What is Erythrodermic Eczema?

    Erythroderma eczema is a potentially life threatening skin disease which his characterised by rash and scaling of over 90% of the body surface

    How much water should I be drinking daily?

    How much water do you need? But how much do you really need? There is no clear defined answer. Some suggest the 8x8 rule, while others suggest drinking 3 to 4 litres plus per day. Your water requirements are determined by several factors including your overall health, activity levels and environment.

    What are the Benefits of Acupressure Therapy

    Acupressure is a therapy in the same family of Reflexology, Zone Therapy, Concentrated Massage and Acupuncture.

    Benefits of using Lavender Oil for your Hair

    Lavender oil is an essential oil made from the lavender plant. It is probably one of the most known and revered essential oils used to promote relaxation, treat anxiety, depression, insomnia and skin conditions.

    The Best Natural Remedies for Eczema

    While there is no cure for this condition, eczema is an inflammation of the skin and there are several natural, non-medicinal methods to help control and keep inflammation away from interfering with your daily life.

    Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair Growth

    Aloe vera is a well-known health and well-being natural ingredient, popular for its ability to help cure skin problems such as burns and wounds. But its benefits for hair are relatively less known. In fact, does it have any benefits for hair?

    Eucalyptus Oil Benefits for Hair Growth and Health

    Eucalyptus oil is an oil from the eucalyptus tree native to Australia. The tree is loaded full of nutrients, is a potent anti-inflammatory, contains antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.

    Castor Oil for Beard and Facial Hair Growth: Benefits, Does it Work and How to use it

    While there is little scientific evidence of castor oil being helpful for hair growth, it is indicated across the blog and traditional science sphere of being helpful for hair growth. But what about for facial hair?

    Almond Oil for Hair Growth: What you want to know

    Almond Oil is – simply – the oil extracted from almonds. It is primarily composed of oleic acid and has been researched to have many health benefits from preventing cardiovascular diseases, to help moisturise hair and skin.

    Foods which trigger and can lead to Asthma Attacks

    Allergic reactions to foods can trigger your body to suffer from symptoms which mimic an asthma attack.

    Positive Health Effects of Sunlight Exposure

    From ancient history to modern day science, the power of the sun in our sky has long been discussed, debated and worshipped. From bathing our planet with a constant shower of UV rays, species including our own civilisation has developed with the Sun watching over us and helping us to produce the crops and food we eat necessary to sustain life on Earth.

    Is Olive Oil a Good Moisturiser for your Face and Skin?

    Olive oil is full of nutritional benefits when consumed in food, but it also has a lot of benefits when applied to the skin and hair.

    Chocolate & Coconut: a Healthy Vegan Bounty Bar Recipe

    Chocolate & Coconut - these two super-food ingredients are a powerhouse and can be adopted into your daily diet to help you achieve a balanced, more satisfying healthy life in the form of enjoyable snacks.

    Mind Control: To be Successful, Learn to Control your Mind [motivational video]

    To be successful at anything, you need to set goals. With a goal, we then need to work hard. We need to work with dedication, focus, concentration and make sacrifices, all in order to achieve these goals.

    Mind Control: You are what you think [motivational mind video]

    The mind is the most powerful tool in the world. With the mind, we have created computers, smartphones, electric cars and everything you can see around you. But learning to control your mind can be challenging.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

    Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a a super powerful natural home remedy. It’s a must in every household kitchen. People swear by it as a natural fat burner. It also contains natural anti-inflammatories, is a potent natural antioxidant and can help reduce cholesterol and improve symptoms of diabetes. In this article, we break down the real benefits of this natural food.

    Psoriasis: Your Questions Answered

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition of the skin which causes a build-up of skin cells; which creates a raised, red scaling on the skin.

    CBD Oil: Your Questions Answered

    Cannabidiol (CBD) has been hot topic for the last few years. Many are using it as a post workout supplement, where others are using it as an important ritual of their skin care routine. In this article, we’ll break down what CBD Oil is and the benefits, plus drawbacks, of using it.

    Is Argan Oil Good for Hair Growth?

    Referred to as “liquid gold”, Argan oil has been used for cooking and as a natural home remedy for healthy hair and skin.

    Alopecia: Everything you need to know

    Alopecia areata is commonly referred to as hair loss but is an auto-immune condition which causes hair to fall out in patches. It can occur at any age and usually falls in round, small patches on your scalp.

    Top Benefits of Turmeric for your Health

    Turmeric is a yellow spice which has been used throughout Asia and is a staple ingredient in Ayurvedic lifestyles. But it receives attention for more than its aromatic spice and use in food.

    Overcoming Oily and Greasy Hair Naturally

    Natural oils in your scalp help protect your hair and your scalp. And while a grease-look can be desirable to achieve a certain look, too much can have an impact on your life. We'll go through how you can reduce oily hair naturally.

    How to Reverse Premature Grey Hairs naturally

    Grey hair is a natural part of the ageing process but can begin as early in your 20s for some. This can be due to a combination of reasons.

    The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Food Types for Healthy Hair Growth

    As we grow older, hair care becomes more of an important. A diet which lacks sufficient protein, amino acids and other vitamins and minerals can show by affecting hair volume and growth. Traditionally, this could be tough for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet as most have a nutritionally incomplete intake.

    Castor Oil Benefits for Hair Growth: Get Thicker Hair and Eyebrows

    A traditional ingredient in Ayurveda and traditional Indian practices, Castor oil is an aged old ingredient which has been used for healthier, thicker hair. Castor Oil moisturises your scalp and helps ease dandruff with its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

    Top Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Hair: Longer and Healthier Hair

    Coconut oil is recognised as one of the best natural ingredients for hair and skin care in many ayurvedic practicing traditions. Read on to understand why coconut oil is good for your hair, what the benefits are and why you should incorporate massaging coconut oil into your scalp for healthier, fuller hair.

    Turmeric, Fenugreek and Ginger: Benefits and Use Cases

    Aaria's Summary Turmeric, Fenugreek and Ginger – Benefits and Use Cases Turmeric (Haldi), Fenugreek (Methi) and Ginger (Adarak) are the most commonly used Indian spices and...

    Male Pattern Baldness: What you need to Know

    Male pattern baldness occurs primarily when there is a hormonal change in men and happens commonly during aging process where the older you get the more you begin to experience hair loss from the scalp.

    What is 5-HTP? Usage, dosage and health-benefits of 5HTP

    5HTP is commonly used to help provide relief against anxiety and help you sleep better. It can also provide relief against depression, obesity, migraines, PMS and help you lose weight.

    The Best Supplements for Weight Loss

    We all turn to weight loss for supplements - but which ones are proven to work. We review the most common weight loss supplements and whether they're worth it

    Benefit of African Mango for Weight Loss

    The research shows African Mango can help you lose weight and control blood sugar. But how? And can you really lose weight just with supplements?

    Is Sea Salt Spray Good for my Hair Health?

    Sea salt spray is a must in your grooming product line up. It’s a quick way of adding texture and getting that beach-look without using any or many chemical based products. But is it good for you?

    Natural Ayurveda Remedies for Hair Growth

    Suffering from hair loss could make you feel less of yourself or miss your identity. You may not want to try chemicals or cosmetic surgeries (and nor should you need to), as there are plenty of natural health remedies you can use to help re-grow your hair, while making your hair stronger and healthier than ever before. These tips aren’t just to re-grow hair, they can be used in your daily life to maintain a healthy and fuller head of hair without resorting to cosmetic surgery.

    Hair Loss: Top Reasons you’re losing Hair

    Shedding a little amount of hair, such as when you wash or comb your hair is normal. But if there’s more than usual, or if you find your hair is thinner than normal, you could begin to feel concerned. We address why you're losing more hair and what can be done. Continue reading...

    The Ashtavakra Gita

    The Ashtavakra Gita is a classical Sanskrit scripture written as the dialogue between Ashtavakra (a revered Hindu Vedic sage) and Janak (the King of Mithila) which examines through dialogue the meaning of existence and freedom, of our souls and bondage to the reality.

    Benefits of Drinking Coffee to Lose Weight

    For the regular coffee drinker, or if you can begin to make it a habit, coffee provides an effective solution to combine with a low-carb diet and regimented exercise program to help reduce inflammation, increase alertness and help you lose weight.

    How Fat Burner Supplements Work

    How do you burn fat with a fat burner supplement? And are they really helpful or just a marketing gimmick?

    Benefits of Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

    The research suggests that bitter orange can help with weight loss, however it is often cautioned with warnings outlining the health dangers of taking this supplement.

    Can you really Lose Weight drinking more Water

    By drinking more water, your body stores less water and therefore you begin to lose that initial water weight during the early stages of drinking more water or dieting.

    Foods that Increase Metabolism and Burn Fat

    One of the ways of speeding up your metabolism is through eating certain foods.

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