Our mission is to make health and wellbeing accessible to everyone.

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    Our Team



    Nav is the founder of Hypermind which is driven on the mission to merge Technology with things that really matter - including Health and Wellbeing.



    Harbans Lotay is the conceptualiser behind Asante Wellbeing. He is qualified in the field of Acupressure, Magnet Therapy and holds qualifications from the Royal Society for Public Health UK.


    Lead Medical Advisor

    M.Sc. Biomedical Technology Former Senior Scientist at Zydus Cadila Pharmaceutical Company, India.


    The Oxford Dictionary defines Well-being as “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”.

    However, this simple statement undervalues what the true definition of wellbeing encapsulates. We believe wellbeing is made up of your mental and physical state and further encapsulates your spiritual and emotional states. Taking care of all these elements ensures you maximise your wellbeing. You can do this by, for example:

    Physical – Walking 10,000 Steps per day
    Mental & Spiritual – Meditation
    Emotional – Be present in what you are doing

    We’re focused on Holistic Wellbeing

    Holistic Wellbeing is a way of life that focuses on you as a person and how you interact with the environment – both people and things – around you, through both your mind and body. This concept we teach at Asante will encourage you to condition your mental and physical space through meditation (mental conditioning) and Qigong/Yoga (physical conditioning) to achieve harmony and maximum wellbeing.

    We help provide relevant information, providing straight forward content and advice, tutorials and lessons to help you achieve this goal.

    How we make our editorial content

    Asante Wellbeing is dedicated to producing holistic health and wellness information easy to understand and implement so you can make the best decisions and begin to live your best life.

    Whether content on Meditation or Yoga, each piece of content we produce for you undergoes a review process by our team to ensure our lessons for you are accurate and proven to assist in helping you maximise your wellbeing – to ensure every part of you is functioning as well as it can.