The Science of Growing your Calf Muscles

    Calves are the stubborn muscle group that many of us find hard to grow. Charlotte explores the Science of growing your calves.



    Natural ways to Reduce Stretch Marks at Home

    Stretch marks are scars caused by the skin stretching or shrinking quickly. Due to the unexpected changes, the collagen and elastin, which usually supports the skin, breaks. As the skin heals from this, stretch marks may appear.


    What are the Top Benefits of Turmeric for your Skin

    As turmeric holds medicinal properties, as well as containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used as a home remedy when battling certain health issues. Simran explores the benefits of this spice for your skin.



    How to do Arm Cross Overs with Resistance Bands

    The resistance band crossover is one of the simplest yet most effective low equipment chest exercises, and it has great carry over in the gym as well. All you need for this exercise is a resistance band and something to secure it to.

    How to do a Floor Press with Resistance Bands

    The bench press is an iconic chest exercise, but it can also be moved to the floor and completed as a floor press. While the floor press does have a smaller range of motion it's still a great exercise to target your chest. This resistance band variation is great as a warm up to activate your pecs or as part of a low equipment workout.

    The Best Exercises and Technique to Grow your Chest – Backed by Science

    The chest is one muscle group many men and women strive to grow. As the pectorals are a relatively small muscle group they often take longer to grow, which is why many people describe them as a “stubborn” muscle group. Furthermore, many people don’t have a lot of chest muscle to begin with, so a lot of development is needed. But there are science backed ways that you can grow your chest.

    How to do Hammer Curls with Resistance Bands

    The hammer curl is a great exercise to help build your biceps. The great thing about the hammer curl is that it targets the brachialis muscle as well as the bicep. This can really help with growing the size of your arms.

    How to get bigger, well-defined Arms. Backed by Science.

    Well defined arms are one of the main goals when beginning your fitness journey. But what are the best exercises to achieve them?

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